Let's wake up !


Earth is our vessel, let us not burn it down! This site is an invitation for all to participate freely. Within our soul and conscience, are we ready to make an effort to protect the world and not have to answer to anybody ?



Year 12 - Message 1 - December 21th 2018.


Hello !

What are we going to do ?

Since about ten years, our Earth became as a village. Everyone is able to know what is going on at the other side of this village. Everyone is able to meet another inhabitant which came from another district (country, continent).

Many life level differencies are often conflict reasons. Cultural differencies are wealthy, but they are also conflict subjects.

Heat increase threatens planet itself, and danger concerns all of us. Let fear and decouragement taking too much place is not a right way.

What are we going to do ?



Message 2 - February, 2nd 2019.


Actually humanity must face to an amount of problems.

The worst is to capitulate, waiting only in external solutions : not me but others...

As a vessel in the tempest on the deep see, everyone has to play his own part. Everyone has to keep interdependency going on.

Everyone has to active his own responsibility, instead of crawling into slippers. Stand up, to appeal our inner strength : courage !



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