Let's wake up !


Earth is our vessel, let us not burn it down! This site is an invitation for all to participate freely. Within our soul and conscience, are we ready to make an effort to protect the world and not have to answer to anybody ?




Year 12 - Message 1 - December 21st 2018.


Hello !


What are we going to do ?

Since about ten years, our Earth became as a village. Everyone is able to know what is going on at the other side of this village. Everyone is able to meet another inhabitant which came from another district (country, continent).

Many life level differencies are often conflict reasons. Cultural differencies are wealthy, but they are also conflict subjects.


Heat increase threatens planet itself, and danger concerns all of us. Let fear and decouragement taking too much place is not a right way.

What are we going to do ?



Message 2 - February, 2nd 2019.



Actually humanity must face to an amount of problems.

The worst is to capitulate, waiting only in external solutions : not me but others...

As a vessel in the tempest on the deep see, everyone has to play his own part. Everyone has to keep interdependency going on.

Everyone has to active his own responsibility, instead of crawling into slippers. Stand up, to appeal our inner strength : courage !



Message 3 - March, 19th 2019.



If we feel concerned by world's and near surrounded conflicts, but without any solution for them or faith in future ; if planet's resources are decreasing, let's call ours own up, those from our inner garden.

There, are untapped resources and treasures.All together we can join them, this is the right moment !Everyone has a key to open doors, a tool to pull a wall down.

Look : we are milliards ...



Message 4 - May 2th 2019.


We want to suggest a way for you to find your secret garden. Please, first read this text quietly. If you wish and when you feel ready, you can enjoy this experience suggested for you.


Sit comfortably, with your back straight and your eyes closed... Breathe slowly and deeply... Breathe quietly right into your stomach, to relax all your emotions... Breathe slowly and deeply... If you feel tense, slowly breathe out, concentrating on the tense part of your body so as to loosen muscles and relax more and more.Breathe slowly and deeply. Each time you breathe, your body feels less and less tense, your muscles are resting and relaxing more and more... All your body is resting... all of your muscles are resting and relaxing... You feel better and better, and you start forgetting your body without forgetting to concentrate on your breathing.You see light waves going through your body as large waves of relaxation... Each time a large relaxation wave goes through your body, your body relaxes more and more and your muscles are resting and relaxing... Light waves are going through all of your body, from your head down to your back where those muscles are relaxing... and then to your chest, then your stomach, where these muscles are also resting and relaxing... Then these light waves go down through your legs to your feet, and all the muscles in your legs and feet are resting and relaxing...

Now please put your conscience into your inner garden, in your spiritual heart (right in the centre of your chest)... You can imagine your conscience being like a small globe of light, just in front of your forehead... Imagine this globe of light going down to your chest in order to be right in the middle, the spiritual centre, the spiritual heart... You can feel your spiritual heart, right in the centre of your chest like a rosebud... And now place this globe of light inside the centre, that is to say your breathing and your conscience. Little by little, each time you breathe in your spiritual heart, the rosebud opens, and the rose blooms, opening more and more...

Then you dive in to the heart of this full blossoming rose, and in the depth of this rose in full bloom, you'll discover a wide open space of peace... It is here that you can breathe quietly... It is here where you feel good, relaxed, well protected... Then, you take a few minutes to think about the theme of this meditation : what does fraternity mean to you ? (wait a minute)... Are you motivated by this theme ? (wait a minute)... Would you be ready to give to the world, to the whole of humanity ? (wait a minute)...

Now let's take an illuminated staircase to climb up to another level of conscience... Climb up the steps of these illuminated stairs...And the further you climb, the lighter you become... You feel that you can let go of all your limitations and you drop them behind you... You feel lighter and lighter and peaceful... Now you reach the top of this illuminated staircase and you reach another level of awareness ; you are in a gorgeous garden full of flowers of every colour imaginable... You walk into this garden, still thinking about the gift you wish to offer to humanity...

Suddenly you catch sight of a Holy Being who appears in the distance... The Being comes closer and closer to you... Open your heart to welcome him... Greet him and thank him for his presence here. He introduces himself as the Spirit of Fraternity... He is here to inspire you and to help you in your search for the gift that you can make to help Fraternity, in your own fashion way.

Now trust the Spirit of Fraternity and let him inspire you... Be totally open, and listen carefully... Three possibilities will be offered to you : Either you will see an image of your gift, or you will hear the Holy Being telling you which gift you could give, or you will feel it yourself.Be very, very receptive (wait a minute)...

Now, you have felt in your heart the gift you could offer, in order to help Fraternity in the way most appropriate for you.Thank the Holy Being... You see him walking away... Go back to the illuminated staircase and climb down the stairs (wait a minute)... Now you are back at your starting point, quiet and ready to share your gift... Let the images vanish... Be aware again of your surroundings... and when you feel ready, you can reopen your eyes and write down your experience...

This is the text of a universal meditation of Fraternity. If you choose to live this experience, you will know what to do in the coming days or weeks...

a) When you click at the web site, you can find this taped meditation.

b) You can also tape the meditation with your own music. (It's not necessary to tape italic texts).

Download this taped meditation (woman voice) .

Download this taped meditation (man voice) .



Message 5 - July 4th 201



Everyone is capable of capturing this inner state of meditation.

Everyone knows what he or she must do.

Everyone is alone with their commitments, isolated, but with a key. All we have to do now is to act and carry out our heart's desire.

This action is individual and does not have to be made public. It will stay secret in one's own heart. It is up to everybody to carry it out, that's all.


This website will be offline until December 2019.


Website visitors will not be counted, neither will a collective evaluation be done. Be very attentive to all that is happening around you.


Be courageous !